Huawei Brand - Future (January 2019, plus) Use

Question: Under the assumption that President Trump will issue an Executive Order next month (January 2019) as has been discussed earlier this year against the sale/purchase of the Huawei brand, will those of us using that brand through Republic Wireless be impacted?

I see that the discussion (Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc) is that this brand and ZTE may be federally restricted from selling, and restrictions to federal funds for infrastructure building assistance to companies, so I am trying to ascertain if you will be able to continue my service, or should I be planning on having to purchase another brands’ phone for further service.

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This is regarding use in Telecom infrastructure and has no impact on end users or the phones they have or use.

Side comment: this order, if implemented, will also continue the trend of naked protectionism in the false name of national security, with the likely unintended consequences of several smaller rural cell carriers forced in to consolidation or forced out of business.

Yes, I recognize that the initial impact will be to the infrastructure aspect; however, I guess I will remain tentatively curious if the Chinese will simply cease doing anything to keep it up-to-date, or maybe freeze operations as retribution for our (U.S.A.) actions.

Thank you for most of the response.

Assuming you have the Ascend 5W it was not being kept up to date at release. There have been no and will be no updates for that phone.

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