Huawei can't call out on wifi, says,no cellular network available. When Connected

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Huawei H1623
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My Choice talk & text
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Issue Description

Phone will not call out when on wi-fi. Says “no cellular network available. Connect to wi-fi to make calls”.
Tried several wi-fi connections same thing. Had phone for a year now and this happened several times.
Last time they said uninstall and reinstall Republic App. I have still no go. Other thing to note where I am
I get no Republic cell service.
When I try this:
For the Huawei Phone:

Tap the Icon_List-3.png Phone icon.
Tap the Phone_menu__lines_.png three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner.
Tap Settings.
Tap Additional settings.
Tap Caller ID.
Make sure Network default is selected, if not, tap it.

I get “Network or SIM card error”!
I reset SIM card no help.

This is a known issue with the Huawei dialer.

This recommendation is to load a 3rd party dialer. Most often recommended is the Marshmallow dialer.

Ok, thanks can you replace the default dialer icon with the marshmallow one.
And after a year they still do not have a fix marshmallow is full of adds!

I’m sorry to say there likely will never be a fix. The default dialer can only be replaced by the manufacturer in a software update and it appears that Huawei has no intent to provide any additional updates to this phone.

You can change the dialer that is on your home screen. You’ll simply put your finger on the phone icon and then drag it to “Remove”. Once you’ve done that, go to the Marshmallow dialer and hold your finger down on the dialer icon and drag it your home screen.

I encountered this problem last week. I am a new user of the Huawei Ascend 5w. I don’t like the idea of fixing a problem to a basic product by “adding more products.” I think it is preferable to find out how to get the basic product to function properly.

In a way the “no service” is a good feature. It saved me from inadvertently wasting cell usage.

When I got this message, I thought WiFi was on when it wouldn’t allow me to waste the call. It had to be on because I had just live streamed a one-half hour television program.

Since I am a new user, I do not have it memorized how I solved this. There are a lot of navigation “errors” operating a touch screen phone. (These aren’t truly errors…but a new user can cover a lot of territory without knowing how he got there)

I can be all over the entire spectrum of the phone’s installed software in a minute. By accident looking for something else. That was the situation when I solved the errant no cell data available error. So I am not much help sharing specifics of the solution.

But the solution is there without having to move away from the basic software configuration to compound a problem.

I will share how I encountered the situation because it is part of the answer to the full solution

I had just arrived home from being out of town for a week. I had been on my sailboat for a week using access to public WiFi. I had set WIFI to always be on. (I set it that way so if it timed out anywhere in the configuration, I wouldn’t have to sign in again to the Public Access, and it would make me more accessible to communications.) When leaving to return home, I figured the phone is smart enough to know when I am travelling so I did not make any changes to settings.

I travelled 600 miles by car through countless cell tower access areas. I placed a couple of voice calls and received a couple during the trip.

When I arrived home I didn’t make any changes to the phone. I figured the phone is smart enough to know there is a WIFI signal 15 feet away. I went to Google and You Tube and watched a half hour live-stream news video. It was not a downloaded video. I was definitely watching using WIFI.

Later, I tried to place a phone call and received the message no cellular network available. That was disappointing because I can see the cell tower…on the mountain with the aid of a telescope. I concluded that after passing through 600 miles of cell access areas the phone hadn’t decided the cell signal in my area was strong enough just yet to confirm I got cell. That was ok. If there wasn’t wifi 15 feet away I knew I could make the movements to get the phone to lock in to that cell tower.

I knew the WIFI worked. I wondered why the phone or the dialer was still expecting to get a cell signal and didn’t roam to find the WIFI… In fact the last setting I had made was to leave WIFI on I didn’t set it to roam… The phone was smart enough to realize there wasn’t much WIFI signal out in the Mojave Desert. But it found cell coverage out there and allowed me to place and receive phone calls outside of civilization without changing any settings.

I figured the dialer was smart enough to default to looking for cell networks in the Mojave Desert after I told it to leave the WIFI on.

When I returned home within 15 feet of a WIFI signal, it was not looking for a WIFI signal. Obviously the phone’s dialer had figured out that leave WIFI on was a big lie. The only thing going on had been a fading in and out of hundreds of cell transceiver frequencies somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. So the dialer appropriately ignored the leave WIFI on, because I didn’t set anything to roam. I am glad the dialer was smart enough to figure out I was travelling and to keep looking for cell tower reception

The Google and YouTube apps are set to default to WIFI. The dialer had been set to leave WIFI on and it wasn’t told to roam. When it figured out there wasn’t any WIFI signal, just lots of Cell Tower signals, it appropriately turned WIFI only off. It didn’t try to waste battery and keep looking for WIFI, because I didn’t tell it to roam. The dialer did the right thing by turning WIFI “always on” to “off” It didn’t decide on its own to waste battery and roam. If I had told it to roam, it would have roamed and used more battery. When I got home, if there was any battery left, it would have known about the WIFI signal because it would have been told to look for it.
So when it told me it wasn’t quite locked into recognizing that tower up on the mountain yet by saying, “no cellular network available,” it was telling me it wasn’t looking for a WIFI signal.

I never told it to LOOK for a WIFI signal. When on the boat, I just told it to leave that one on. I never told it to stop looking for cell network coverage. I never told it to roam and look for both. But maybe the phone’s dialer secretly knew that WIFI signal was only 15 feet away. It had a new sorta weak cell tower signal and it hadn’t been told to roam around looking for WIFI so before locking in to that cell network, it told me the truth at that second that one wasn’t ‘available.’ This was a hint that it hadn’t been told it was ok yet to look for WIFI

Where I must have gone to solve this would have been to dialer settings to turn the dialer’s WIFI to “ON”.

I have a hunch that if I had I turned around in the Mojave Desert and gone back to the boat, the dialer would have recognized that public WIFI signal because it was told to leave that one “always on.”

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