HUGE spike in Instagram cell data use


Hi, the cell data use from my Instagram account has skyrocketed in the last two weeks, starting about Aug 20 from 227 MB to 2.25 GB. I have not changed my Instagram usage in any significant way. At first I bought another 1 GB of data which disappeared in a day! No idea what caused this. I’ve already switched my settings to use Less Data. Thanks for any help.



I recommend using a third party firewall such as



Hi @katie88
Have you updated your apps? Maybe delete and reinstall of the app.

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Would that wipe out all of my IG settings? I still really need to understand what made this happen.



Why would this help? It’s hard for me to understand given that I have no idea why it happened in the first place.



Hi @katie88
I really don’t know for sure but if you login I would imagine the site has your settings. Here are some google playstore apps that save instagram pics, stories and vids.
Apps to save Instagram pics, stories, and vids in the Google Playstore
The apps sometimes become corrupt and need reinstalled when that happens, and yes they can eat data like never ending pasta at Olive Garden.



I don’t use Instagram, but perhaps some of the tips in the following article will help (although you’ve already apparently tried what is likely the most helpful tip):

In addition, you may wish to view this information at the Instagram Help Center, which covers what to do if you’re experiencing a problem:■■■■



The app can help you limit access to cellular data to your various apps on
a per-app basis including Instagram.



You might be able to tame Instagram by turning off background data and turning off notifications.

Since I don’t know which model phone you have, these are general instructions:

Go to Settings on the phone
Find Instagram
Flip switch to turn off - Allow background data usage

Next go to Notifications - again these are general instructions not model specific
Find Instagram and turn off Notifications

Sometimes after and update to an app, it may consume more data than usual. Instagram has had a few updates this week alone.

Also within the app itself go to people icon lower right
3 dots in upper right corner
Go to Push Notifications - you may want to turn some of these off
Back to Instagram settings
Go to Cellular Data Use
Check - Use Less Data

Hopefully this will tame Instagram for you.



Thanks everyone! littletoucan I have a Moto 2. I deleted IG and then
reloaded it. I did change Push notifications and checked Use Less Data.

But I can’t find a way t switch off Allow background data usage. Thanks
for any help.

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Moto 2 makes a difference! If you’re on the refund plan you can turn off data in the Republic Wireless app for individual apps. If not, then please go to:

The phones Settings
Data Usage
Scroll down to the apps listed
Tap on one of the apps listed
You should see an option to restrict background data.

If not you may want to then back out of that once
Tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner (still under Setting > Data Usage)
Tap on Restrict Background Data.

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