Huh? Dish and AT&T sign wireless network deal worth at least $5 billion

Me as well!!!

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Hmm. All this is very interesting. At least we’re finding out some more information. I’m on CDMA right now, but my Pixel 3aXL can work with GSM, so I’m not worried about that. I just moved in January so I have no real clue what AT&T/T-Mobile coverage is like in my area in real life (as opposed to a coverage map). I’m on an annual payment plan, but I’m going to go back to monthly at least through January to make sure everything still works well for me. Then I’ll go back to annual. I really don’t want to leave RW.

Of course, I know that Verizon coverage around here isn’t great, so if AT&T/T-Mobile don’t work than I’m out of luck no matter what. It might even be better because Sprint is great in the town I live in, but it gets spotty quickly in the sticks.


Much appreciation for the dialog here. My wife has looked at options to replace her very old Moto E (not-used data refund plan). She thinks she could live with the cheapest current plan from Republic Wireless, even more so when I mentioned the yearly discount. We could probably be Ok with AT&T cell coverage, and hope WiFi continues handing off to cell service politely.

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