Hurricane Irma and a big thanks to Republic Wireless


We live in Central Florida and received damage from the storm and no electricity for 5 days. We lost all of the cold food as no ice was to be found anywhere. Between the two of us we rationed our Republic phone’s power choosing different times to use the Republic Anywhere app to message friends and family. It was a real blessing to get notified that our cell data limit was raised from my plan of .5 gig to 2.5 gig for the billing period. It sure helped in locating services and stores that were open after the storm. I know it might not sound like much, but any help is always appreciated during the days after a storm like this. Great job Republic Wireless!! And many many thanks…



Good to hear you and your family made it safely through the storm!



Thanks for sharing this @bruceb.aw4dhu. We’re all very glad you and your family made it through the storm ok. Floridians are a resilient bunch; good to see the recovery effort is full speed ahead.

We’ll be sure to share your kind words with the the Republic team.



Were any members in the hard hit areas of Georgia blessed with additional data?



I live in North Alabama (no storm related problems here), and I received a free gb. Thanks, Republic.

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We live in Central Florida and have now been out of power for 6 days. My daughter got free data on her phone, but I had upped my plan a day or two ahead of time. Was charged for a full month of data already! Sorry to complain, but it doesn’t seem fair.



Hi @kathrynm.5u9qh9,

From a fellow Floridian (I’m in South Florida on the east coast), I’m very sorry to hear your power remains out. Out of curiosity, who’s the power utility in your area?

Regarding cell data, Republic kindly added 2 GB of additional data to that which I purchased on my own for each active Republic phone on my account. In other words, it wasn’t a refund for additional data already purchased but the addition of even more data. You might check your invoices to see if you see evidence of additional data (at no charge) beyond that which you purchased. If not, I suggest raising a help ticket when signed into your account here if possible: Republic Help.

I hope your power is restored soon!

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Republic has a history of this type of help. We were hit by a tornado Right after Christmas in 2015. They were great in helping with our data usage etc. We had no power for a couple of weeks and another couple of weeks before we had internet back. and they credited our account with lots of data to help us through those trying times.

Again a big thank-you to RW for standing by us during those trying times.




I’m on the Tampa Bay area shoreline and we evacuated to a shelter (high school). During and after the storm we never lost a connection to Republic and during the hurricane I upgraded to a data plan from my Wifi only plan. I had to wait six days for my BrightHouse/Spectrum landline and internet to return. The Republic data was valuable during that long wait. After the storm the 2 free gigs of data was/is most appreciated. If all companies ran their business as Republic does the world would be a much happier place. Thank You!



Adding my thanks as well! My mom and I were confused by the message about added data because it looked like we had requested it–and we knew we hadn’t. But later it occurred to me that maybe Republic had given it to us, so I finally googled to figure it out. Maybe I missed an email or something? Anyway, it’s great that you do such a kind and practical thing in emergency areas like this!! Just be sure to “toot your own horn” so we’ll know you did it. :smile:


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