I am 85 years old feel fine, but is my MOTO X 2 VOLTE obsolete?

Hopefully a simple question. When will my MOTO X 2 no longer work because of the VOLTE 4 G network issue? Easy Ed

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Hi @edwardd.56eje2,

If nothing changes between now and then, the cellular network used by your Moto X2 will be shut down by its owner (T-Mobile not Republic) on January 1, 2022.

Presuming the Moto X2 continues to meet your needs today, I suggest waiting for further word from Republic before deciding on any next steps.

To that end, I suggest making sure the email address linked to your Republic account is current and monitored.


Many thanks to rolandh and all the other Ambassadors of Knowledge. I ask now "How did you learn this specific information about the Moto 2 X? I searched extensively as I learned of the VOLTE transformation and the need for 4G. Thing is - a Republic webpage that I visited about the MOTO X2 seems to shows it has 4 G capability. If you could point me to a specific reference I would be an even happier 85 year old. I am reluctant to move on to another phone due to my happiness about the original pricing plan Republic provided. :blush:

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Hi @edwardd.56eje2,

While I certainly appreciate the affinity you have for the grandfathered plan attached to your Moto X2, paraphrasing George Harrison, all things eventually pass.

The Moto X2 is 4G LTE capable for cell data. To the best of my knowledge, it is not VoLTE capable. Even if it were, the custom version of Android used on legacy Republic phones (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 and X2) only works on Sprint’s CDMA network. T-Mobile acquired Sprint’s CDMA network resulting from its merger with Sprint. T-Mobile says it is shutting down Sprint’s CDMA network as of 1/1/22. T-Mobile will incorporate, at least, portions of Sprint’s CDMA coverage footprint into its GSM network but not the CDMA technology your Moto X2 requires. Republic cannot change what T-Mobile decides to do with its property.

Again, Republic has not yet shared any specifics as to what will happen with grandfathered plans attached to legacy phones such as your Moto X2. That’s why, though I understand it isn’t the most satisfying answer, I encourage waiting and seeing.


Many thanks for your wise words. I shall watch and wait. And I understand that the original very good pricing plan may no longer be available.

As for " paraphrasing George Harrison, all things eventually pass" - I’m not so sure — I swallowed a dime back in 1945 and I’m not sure it ever did pass. :smiley:




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