I am a long time Republic Wireless customer and would like to buy an unlocked Amazon Prime Moto G4 Play phone, purchase a SIM card from Republic, and transfer my service and phone number from my current Republic Moto X to my new phone. Can I do this easil

Transferring my current Republic service from a Republic phone to an Amazon Moto G4 Play

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Yes. Buy the phone from the retailer of your choice.

Buy the needed SIM card here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Then activate following these directions: https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-2430-activate-my-phone#3.0thirdold

Thanks, Louisdi for your timely response…I think that I’m gonna go for it! My old Moto X has gotten to where the battery doesn’t last but about 8 to 9 hours, but other than that, it’s been a great phone.

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if ordering the phone from Amazon why not just add on the SIM there


also note all BYOD are GSM (T-Mobile) coverage at this time Personal Coverage Check

What are the pros and cons of going from Sprint to T Mobile service?

The major pro or con is coverage in your area.

Outside that, a T-Mobile activation allows you to move your Republic SIM to another compatible phone should you want to activate another phone for some reason.

Finally, when on 3G, GSM (TMO) 3G is FAR faster than 3G on CDMA (Sprint).

Thanks Again! To be clear, I would still be a Republic customer but would be running off T Mobile towers when not on Wi-Fi? Re: my existing SIM card, I currently have a sealed Republic Moto X…If there is a SIM card in it, I don’t know how to access it! It has a non removable back and no slots. Switching sounds like a “no brainer” to me!

yes you would still be Republic customer just using their newer GSM partner (T-Mobile) (the old Moto X used Republic CDMA partner and it does have a SIM access via a side tray on the other side from the volume buttons [top tray if 2nd Gen] a SIM tool or small paper clip would be need to reach it but this SIM should not be removed from the Phone as CDMA SIMs need to stay in the phone as they are not link to your account or have any of your information they just allow the phone to access LTE network)

That’s correct. Republic uses both T-Mobile and Sprint as a partner. The BYOP program currently exclusively uses T-Mobile, so yes you would still be a Republic customer, just running on T-Mobile towers rather than Sprint’s. (And your Moto X does have a SIM card in it, but it’s tied to that phone and can’t be used in any other device).

Thanks again to both of you for your input, especially the fact that the Republic SIM card is also available on Amazon (as an add on item) for 5 bucks. Re: the Moto G4 Play, do you have any review/opinion on this phone? I like the fact that it can take a 9 hour charge (if necessary) in 15 minutes…So they say! And the Amazon Prime version is only 99 bucks…A substantial amount less than what I paid for the Moto X. Do you think that I’ll “get what I pay for”? I haven’t seen any negative reviews of the G4 Play…

G4 Play $100 - Mini Review

also check review on amazon Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Moto G Play (4th gen.) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offe…

keep in mind when the Moto X was release it was a flagship

this is a budget phone and will not have all the features (no NFC, missing many of the sensors like the gyroscope)

from the few reports I’ve seen the ads Amazon puts on the lock screen are not that annoying

edit for type-o (NC=NFC or near field communication which is used for Android Pay tap and pay and sharing with other phones with NFC among other functions that can be programmed


I would buy the phone without the stupid ads on the phone. Just my opinion.

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“No NC”…Please interpret for this “non-techie”! I understand about the gyroscope…Will this have a marked effect on the GPS capabilities of the phone?


No Nc was to be no NFC which is the ability to tap and pay at checkout counters or send files butting 2 phones together.

*** ~~ßocephous™***

Sorry about that @bocephous is correct I did mean NFC and have edit my post to fix this and explain a bit on what that is nor the non techie

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