I am a RW data throttled tester


I have been an active test participant for the RW throttle down data after my plan runs out before the end of my cycle and was wondering if this is going to continue after the testing stops? Previously, before I was selected for this test plan, my data would run out before my cycle was over and that made my phone USELESS without data. I knew I couldn’t surf the internet without data, but I also lost cell phone and text capability! I need to be on the data Throttle down plan from now on after the testing is completed. There are too many phone plans and providers out there already offering this service for the same as what I am paying to RW now. I cannot afford to lose my phone calling and text capabilities and would rather also have 100% data connectivity at a throttled rate when I run out of data before my cycle is over. Please advise!


You should be able to call and message when your data runs out. That you can’t is indicative of some other problem. I have seen a situation where connectivity with the GSM provider is lost. In both of the situations I’m familiar with the problem was solved by restarting the phone which, in turn, re-registered it with the GSM provider.


Hi @brianl.e0dx8a,

Our testing has ended and no decision or announcement has been made as to whether or how the concept may be implemented.

If your phone does not call and text when you have used all your data, please open a support ticket so we can resolve that. Calling and texting are meant to be fully functional even on plans that have no data or have consumed all data.

A good initial troubleshooting step is to make sure the Android Settings for data usage do not have the data limit nor the Data Warning enabled. If you’ll let us know which phone you are using, we can give you specific steps to make sure those settings are disabled.


will the RW service roam with AT&T when T-mobile is not available? T-mobile has many dead spots in Colorado Springs.


T-Mobile roams on selected AT&T towers. RW’s GSM clients roam where T-Mobile roams.


User should be reminded that the Data plans that include Roaming Data is limited or does not exist (depending on plan)


I wish there was a roaming tower location map we could use for T-mobile users to know which AT&T towers allow roaming!


The T-Mobile coverage map can help. Drop a pin in a place where you want to see their coverage. What you see isn’t always what you get. I have 0 - 1 bar T-mobile coverage at home with no coverage whatever from time-to-time depending on atmospheric conditions. There is a nearby AT & T tower I can’t roam on. but my S7 connects to it for emergency calls when the T-Mobile signal drops out. A while back I was outside my granddaughter’s college dorm and found myself roaming on a strong AT & T signal. The next time I was there, in the same parking spot, I was home on T-Mobile with a strong signal. Go figure.


My work location is at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs and most often I lose T-Mobile service depending on which direction my truck is pointing in the parking lot. One to two bars at best is what I get anywhere on the Peterson AFB location. There needs to be better signal strength on Peterson AFB. According to Opensignal.com, the closest T-mobile tower to Peterson AFB is 15 miles east near Schriever AFB, Colorado.


Hi @brianl.e0dx8a,

Please don’t let the little signal strength indicator in the status tray seem more important than reality. How does the phone work when you’re in your parking lot? is it able to do the things you need it to do?

If coverage is a real issue (calls are not arriving, texts are not sent, internet surfing fails) rather than a perceived one (bar counts), please open a ticket, provide three street addresses where you live, work and play, and let our team evaluate your coverage to see if a different SIM card would make a difference.

Please also note that sometimes coverage on military bases is poor-to-none by design.


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