I am considering a Moto E4


I have a Moto G (1st Generation) that has served me well. However, I think I’m at the point where I am ready to replace it. I had ordered an E4 for my wife when GSM was the only option. We had cell reception issues with it. Republic solved the problem by sending us a phone with CDMA, they exceeded my expectations. The E4 screen size is better for my older eyes. Reading the forum, I read about the issue with the Google WiFi router. To my knowledge, we did not have that problem. I see the E4 has CDMA available, and it will fill my needs fine. I want to know if I should be concerned about my Google Wifi Router, and I don’t want to return a phone to Republic if that is a likely problem. I know returns are costly. At this time, the other CDMA compatible phones are out of my price range. So, I would appreciate some feedback. I am a satisfied customer of Republic.


If you are not using the Google WiFi devices in a multi-node array this should not be an issue for you


Thank you for your reply drm186.


Kudos to you for thinking this through here on the community and being so mindful of your own costs as well as those incurred by RW!


Thank you. I had ordered the E4 for my wife when it was only available with GSM. It worked fine at home, and where we are most of the time. While on cell our coverage was spotty, and many calls were dropped. I was past the return period, however, Republic provided us with a replacement phone that was CDMA compatible. Problem solved! That kind of service impressed me. The E4 will fit my needs and budget. I’m assuming it will come with CDMA in this area. I just didn’t want to order it, and then need to return it. I have almost never needed help from Republic and the forums (Granddaughter gave us tech support). The value and the Customer service has been greatly appreciated.


Well, out of stock. Hopefully it will return soon.


The latest expectation is that it will be back in late this week.


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