I am furious as all get out!

In late December, I tried to move to go from 4.0 to 5.0 and if failed. I told the agent to cancel the move and they said they did. Lo and behold, today (1/7/22) one of my lines moved to 5.0, which I didn’t want. Called support and they said I’m out of luck. I do not want to move and I want the line back to 4.0. There is still two lines showing for my 4.0 plan, but the line that moved is showing a new number, which I don’t want. I’ve been very happy since becoming a beta member and now it’s all come crashing down.

Hi @jim,

Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry to see that your number moved after you were expecting it not to. Is there a specific reason you do not want to be on the 5.0 plan? Perhaps that’s something we can help with?

I’ve reviewed your Help Tickets and I’m afraid there may have been some misunderstanding, as I can see where you clearly asked for a refund on the 5.0 plan, and that was confirmed, but I don’t think the agents understood at that time that you had initiated the number transfer that would need to be stopped.

We have a team looking into whether there is any way to get your number back to the 4.0 plan. Please do not take any action on your own, as canceling a line would prevent us from being able to take any action.

Well, when I first read the compatibility list for WiFi calling, which I did on my phone, I didn’t see the yes/no column. I saw both my phones listed and thought they would work. Turns out that one of my phones wouldn’t work. This and the fact that the activation was not working, I wanted to just keep things the way they were until all the activation issues were resolved.

The support supervisor I ended up taking with did do his best to help. I moved the one phone over to 5.0 and will do the same hopefully for the other in a week. The new account shows two lines but only one phone so he needed time to figure out how to move the phone from the old plan to the new plan.

While I wait, I’ll look for a compatible wifi calling phone.

Take care and I really appreciate you checking in with me.



Hi @jim,

I’m not sure who this “Support supervisor” was you spoke with. Having his name would be a tremendous help, if you happen to have it. Unfortunately, while I can look over Help Tickets, Chats, and communications with our Experts, I have no visibility into phone calls with our Phone agents.

It is very important that this “Support supervisor” not cancel any of your lines. I’ve responded on your Help Ticket and would like to discuss this further with you there, as you are available.

Ernie isn’t going to cancel any, as I understood.


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