I am having trouble with samsung j3

The phone will not let the people I call hear me, but about 10% of the time they can and works fine. Why would a phone do this?

  • Is your RW App at the latest level
  • How good/bad is your Cell signal (possibly install Network Cell Info Lite and provide a screenshot)
  • Narrow down the problem … does it occur on Cell, WiFi or both
    • Use RW app Advanced settings and set it to ‘Allow manual handover’ … then while on a call do the manual handover to see if is better/worse

I am having the same issue with my phone. This is a known issue with this phone which Republic has not addressed as of yet. Try pressing the speaker phone button momentarily and than turn it off. This seems to work. It’s gotten so when I make or answer a call I use the speaker phone to initiate or receive the call, than once they hear me I shut the speaker phone off and use the internal speaker. Check out this link for further information;


I’ve not noticed the issue on the Samsung Galaxy J3 in my household but it doesn’t get heavy use. I am perplexed that what (from the Samsung community thread you posted) might be deemed a manufacturer’s defect occurring across multiple service providers should be addressed by Republic? Samsung makes the phone. Wouldn’t they be the responsible party?

I would think its going to be a Samsung issue however they fixed the firmware in the phone on the ATT network. In any case, I contacted Republic with the issue and am hoping that Samsung will offer a fix for the republic phones.

If the fix is a firmware update then it’s going to take Samsung to update the north american factory unlocked firmware


I agree that it will take Samsung to do it. Apparently AT&T wireless contacted them and they pushed an update out for their subscribers. Republic needs to do the same… This is a flaw with this phone. I wonder if this is the reason that the phone is no longer available at RW?

The phone is no longer for sale at Republic’s store because it’s last year’s model, no longer manufactured and has sold out. If sourced elsewhere, it will still activate on Republic’s network as a bring your own phone.

I think it’s important to note something. Unlike the AT&T carrier branded variant you reference, J3s activated on Republic’s network are not branded or unique to Republic in any way. Unlike legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2), all Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked variants.

Republic might contact Samsung about a potential firmware fix but it would be up to Samsung to push a firmware update to its’ North American factory unlocked phone. It wouldn’t be limited to Republic subscribers.


I am having this problem. Do you think it would be a good idea to ask Samsung for a credit toward a new phone since there is no resolution to the issue?

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