I am moving to another state

I am moving to another state. How can I maintain service on the trip there and then have service in my new state?

Your WiFi portion will work were every you are connected … the phone depends on if it is CDMA or GSM and the particular coverage available where you are moving.

You can use Republic Wireless Coverage to check out whats available where your going and that doc contains the
CDMA coverage map here and the GSM coverage map here.

this should not be an issue assuming there is coverage for the network you have

1.0/2.0 and CDMA 3.0 coverage Coverage Check CDMA | Republic Wireless

3.0 GSM coverage Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

if you want to change your number to be “local” to you new state see Change My Phone Number

In addition to to the above information. If you decide to stay with Republic at your new location, make sure you update your address in the E911 and payment sections in your account settings.

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