I am not account owner; how to activate when changing to a CDMA sim card on my Republic phone

Our son is the account owner and does not live with us. We are trying CDMA sim cards in hopes of getting better service when on the road. I started activating the new sim card and I am told “You must be the account owner to activate this device.”

Do I just log into the Republic account using his email address instead of my email? Or do I start my own Republic account? Then we would be on separate bills?

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Hi @colleenm.rj9uwb!

I am assuming he has assigned a phone to you since you are able to login to your account. You cannot activate new devices on an assigned phone line (see How to Assign a User to a Phone – Republic Help ). I realize you are just trying to activate the SIM card, but this would fall under the same category.

That being said, I would get permission from him to login via his account to activate the CDMA SIM card. It should activate just fine that way. Just make sure he is OK with you logging into his account :wink: .

Hope that helps!


Please do not do this. Doing so would result in the CDMA SIMs activating with new numbers rather than your current numbers. Ultimately, you will need to sign in using your son’s credentials or ask him to activate the SIMs for you.

Longer term, it would be possible to move your phone’s from your son’s account to an account of your own, however, the process isn’t particularly straightforward and would involve downtime on your phones.


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