I am not receiving all my incoming calls. When people call it will say something like "all circuits are busy" or wont even ring for them. It has been going on for awhile now.

I have had my service for 2 years now. Some people calling me are getting something like" all circuits are busy" or it doesn’t even ring for them. It happens regardless if I am on wifi or 3G. I started getting text messages that people can not call me. I thought it was just my phone but, it is also happening to another Republic wireless customer whom I work with. He has a different phone and has only been a customer for about 6 months. I have cleared all my voicemails out thinking maybe I had exceeded the 500 allowable. Is Republic Service having issues for the first time since I have had it? What could be the issue that both I (2 year customer with Moto X gen 2 phone ) and fellow republic customer ( 6 months and a newer different phone) are having , not receiving all our calls?

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Hi @raymondk.8lqg1s,

Could you please try the following steps and let me know if this solves the problem for you:

  1. Put the phone on Wi-Fi with the Republic notification showing “Great! Wi-Fi calls, messages, and data”.
  2. Open the phone dialer and launch the numeric keypad and key in *#*#8647#*#* . That number will disappear, the Republic arc at the upper left will disappear and come back. Let that process complete so the arc is solid white again.
  3. Using the phone dialer again, key in ##72786# and confirm that. The phone will reboot one or more times.
  4. Wait for the Republic notification to show “Great! Wi-Fi calls, messages, and data” again.
  5. Open the Settings app, then tap System Update, and tap Update Profile. The phone may reboot once more.
  6. Again under Settings / System Update, tap Update PRL.

Checking it out now. if this works can I just for forward this same info to the other republic wireless customer to try on his phone? What caused this on two different customers? So far, I think this has worked.

Hi @raymondk.8lqg1s ,

I haven’t seen a definite explanation yet of what is causing this, but we have seen an increase in the issue over the last few days. Our technical team worked together with our Community Experts to determine that these steps are clearing up the issue.

You may certainly forward the steps to your friend, there is no harm done by taking these steps. If you prefer to send him a shorter series to try, our technicians have determined that steps 2 and 5 may suffice.

Will Do. Thanks for the help and will keep an eye on my incoming calls. First time in two years as a customer I had a problem. Very good track record and very fast response. Well done

I have had a similar issue with 3 different phones. People call and my phone DOES NOT RING! One of the primary reasons I got a cell phone was to RECEIVE and make calls. I have tried everything RW suggested to fix this and IT STILL HAPPENS PERIODICALLY! And it may be happening to YOU as well, because you don’t know you’ve missed a call unless the person calling tells you later! So beware, you may be missing calls and not know it. I have just about had it with this company…because it’s not ready for prime time.

Hi @richardh.amg6dg,

It’s hard to determine from your explanation whether what you are experiencing is the same thing as the originally described in this thread. It sounds like you have a support ticket, so for the benefit of others who read this thread and may be confused, I’ll explain:

Do calls reach your voicemail, or do callers receive some kind of error message or just dead air? If the latter, the steps described in this thread should resolve the issue. Otherwise, does the problem happen consistently only on cell? If so, those same steps posted above may help, or we may need to evaluate the phone’s local cell coverage. Otherwise, does it happen consistently, only on a specific Wi-Fi network? If so, we should troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network, because something is preventing the phone from remaining registered with our servers. Does it happen everywhere - cell and Wi-Fi? If so, could the phone be in Do-not-disturb mode? We would also want to explore the possibility of an app conflict and a hardware failure.

There are a lot of variables and scenarios, and in order to troubleshoot them, we would have to have details and follow-up to troubleshooting steps. The Community is always willing to help do so, as is our support team.

Hello Southpaw,
I’m having issues as stated with the first user. When I tried your steps to dial the ##8647## just as shown, I get an error “dialed number not allowed.” Family and friends try to call me (even my doctor!) can’t get through- they say sometimes they get a busy signal, or the call simply hangs up. If they do get through and my phone doesn’t ring on my end and they leave a voicemail, I never get it. When I try to dial “1” to check voicemail, it hangs up on me. This also happens occasionally when I try to make normal calls out from either wifi or cell. Occasionally, I will get a pop up on my screen to hit play showing that I have a voicemail, but that’s very rare. This is creating a major problem, as many important contacts try to reach me and can’t all of the time. It happens either when I’m on wifi or cell. We’ve been republic users from the beginning, and I recently got a MotoXpure. Texting seems to go through just fine. Calls do go through, sometimes, but it’s not reliable. Thank you for your time.

Hi @kexlox,

I apologize for the confusion! We recently moved our Community from one software to another, and in doing so, some messages apparently did not transfer completely intact.

The correct code to key as a troubleshooting step when you have calling issues is:
*#*#8647#*#* from the phone’s numeric keypad.

Please give that a try, then reboot the phone, and see if that helps. If you need someone to do some test calls with you, just let me know.

I dialed the revised above and my phone told me it was now activated and I needed to restart. So I did. I asked my friend who is not a republic user to call me from her home, while I’m using the wifi at my home, and she said her phone said “dialing” and hung up. Still what happens most of the time when people call me. Should I try again and go through the rest of the list you had above? Thanks.

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