I am on an old plan and have waiting for the new plans that will use sprint towers because at&t towers will not work for me. I want a new phone but have to wait for sprint towers

Sprint towers yet for RW new plans?

Yes, new phones/plans that work with Sprint towers are available from Republic Wireless (Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability ). You will have to purchase the new phone from Republic Wireless. You can start at Coverage Check | Republic Wireless .

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I ordered a SIM card from Republic Wireless on May 16 and it was a GSM SIM card.

all BYOD SIMs are GSM (T-mobile) at this time one needs to order the phone from Republic to get have a chance a CDMA
Republic base on zip code republic should choose the better between CDMA and GSM for phone ordered from Republic
if GSM is not good coverage the best thing to do is create a ticket and see if Republic support can improve it

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