I am shopping for a new frugal phone. I want new or nearly new for $100 or less


I need to retire my Moto G Play (Model XT1607) . It got dropped in a parking lot. I think someone ran a shopping cart over it. So far It works (sort of). I want to spend $100 or less. I am 60 years old. I use my phone for calls, texts, quick google look-ups and navigation. I don’tcare about “bigger-better-faster-cooler” (unless your talking about motorcycles). I don’t care about the great camera or screen quality. Selfies are for …well, not me. Reliable, low cost, simple. The more indestructable the better. Can I find $8. cases and screen protection online for it? (popular enought to create competition for my accessory dollors? I am OK moving away from Moto. I have no brand loyalty.

Any suggestions?


The only new Republic Wireless phone available for under $100 is the Alcatel A30. I’ve had two of these (one was tragically killed in a golf cart mishap) and think they’re a good enough phone. Unfortunately, they are not available at the Amazon Prime price of $45 anymore. While I think this phone is great for $45, it’s maybe not such a bargain at $99. Everything works fine as far as calls and texts (this phone is only capable of using Republic’s GSM partner). Web browsing is kind of slow, and the camera isn’t great. The Moto E (whatever version is available this week) offers more bang for the $, but costs more than $100.


Can you wait a month or 2?
Your timing is not good as the last round of sales were the back to school sales where in mid August and early September [both had the Moto E4 for $99 with a battery pack bonus and 3 GB of data for the next 3 months] I expect the next round of sales to be sometime in November [Black Friday/Cyber Monday have been almost all November the last couple years] I would expect the Moto E4 and , aybe the just launching Moto E5 Play or Samsung Galaxy J3 could end up at the $100 [maybe not at Republic but at Amazon, Best Buy B&H, Walmart, or other Retailer]
The Alcatel A30 is a very budget phone that may not be worth the $99 asking price but it’s the only phone in that range right now.
Note the A30, J3 and E5 Play are all GSM only and as such they will only work for Republic on their GSM partner [T-Mobile] if you need coverage of the CDMA partner [Sprint] the cheapest phone right now is the Moto E4 [$129]


I forgot to mention. I have already checked the RW website and a brief search on Amazom (free shipping with Prime!). So if you are writing to quote the RW site…been there.


If I must pay $129 for the Moto E5 I will.


Can’t wait more than a week. Did you read my whole post?


I see Moto E5 Plays on EBay for $105. Also see used Moto 5G Plus used for $105. Also RW has Alcatel for $99.




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