I am still with you, but wife left for an iPhone

Happy wife, happy life as they say. Did not see the iPhone showing up on Republic for a while yet so she decided to go another way after 10 years of great Republic service. We needed a way to send money via Venmo to Grandkids and can’t with Republic so that, as they say, did it for her. Republic is still great in my eyes even with the acquisition by Dish. Hang in there team Republic. I am counting on you.


Hi @svo_guy and welcome to the Community!

I’m confident Republic very much appreciates you taking the time to explain your wife’s departure. I have iPhone users in my family, so I completely get it.

Among the stated goals of the DISH acquisition is growing Republic’s brand. I can think of few ways better to do so than open up to iPhone users. I’m reasonably certain DISH understands that as well and may just be able to provide the resources to do so. Time will tell but maybe your wife and her iPhone will find their way back to Republic.

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Hi @svo_guy Welcome to the community! I’ll be honest, I read your subject line and thought: “The poor guy, wife left him for a smartphone, that’s gotta hurt.”


Yes, I could have been more specific in my topic line but the one I used piqued interest. And to be clear she is still with me even after 49 years.


I have only a minimally topic-related question. I saw that the Republic beta iPhone test required you take the most data plan to use the iPhone and I looked on the Ting sight (out of curiosity with the DISH takeover) and they require the same thing to use an iPhone. Can you explain why that is?

I’m unaware of any iPhone plan restrictions at Ting. That is to say, unless something recently changed, one may use any Ting plan with any phone Ting supports including iPhones.

With regard to Republic’s past iPhone beta, there was precisely one plan offered, which was unlimited talk & text plus 8 GB of cell data for $60/month (discounted to $40/month) for beta testers. It was never explicitly stated, however, my takeaway is that Republic settled on 8 GB of cell data while determining if the perception iPhone users used more cell data was true for Republic members and whether Republic could accommodate that at a market competitive price.

On Ting’s website, it said to get an iPhone or use one, you had to take at least the Unlimited plan with 22gb data at $45 a month. Never said why.

I don’t want to ask for a link to Ting’s website in Republic’s Community but if you would be kind enough to private message me a link to where you see that on Ting’s website, I’d most appreciate it.

For what it’s worth, I have family member’s using Ting’s “Flex” plan with iPhones.

I may have just been reading the offer incorrectly. They are offering an iPhone at a certain price if you take the $45/month plan. I just assumed all iPhones had to take that plan. My bad.

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While you may have misread the specifics let me share one specific reason that most users of iPhones need/want a data plan. One of the key “features” of iPhones is iMessage. Messages sent by iMessage (which have a blue bubble instead of green in the messaging app on an iPhone) require data. No data, no iMessage messages.

Yes, but depending upon what one exchanges in terms of attachments (pictures, video, etc.), there may not be a need nor does Ting require an “unlimited” plan for iPhones. If one happens to be away from a data source (WiFi or cell) when attempting to use iMessage, by design, there is seamless fallback to SMS/MMS. Of course, virtually every provider other than Republic charges data used for MMS against one’s data allotment also.


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