I am stuck at the inter your email and password part

I have just received my new Moto G and I have tryed to inter my password but it tells me it is incorrect ,I know that is not true because I have logged in and out with my old phone right after it says my password is wrong ,the phone also after several attempts of trying my password it ask me for my phone number which I put in it said it was going to try to lookup my info that way but it didn’t work I guess because it brought me back to the email and password part can someone help me please

If you are activating your phone there are 3 potentially different passwords required:

Your WiFi password

Your Gmail password

Your Republic Wireless password

Sometimes something as simple as a hard to see space causes this problem.

Hi I have a question about wifi and text messages ,I an unable to send or receive text messages without wifi on my Moto G with 6.0 purchased from republic wireless, just wondering if I am doing something wrong or is not possible to send or receive texts without wifi.

Hi @williame.ggt02i .

Yes, you should should be able to send and receive text messages over cell too but you have to have cell coverage to do that. What does your cell bar display look like if you go into Settings and turn WiFi off? Can you make calls over cell? Here is a great coverage map. When you go to it select the Samsung S7 as your phone and drop a PIN where you cannot send/receive text messages do you see coverage? Let me know what you find:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Hi @williame.ggt02i

Were you able to resolve this issue?.

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