I am totally CONFUSED


I have been a customer for at least 4 years and right now on your site it is saying my phones have been canceled and I don’t have any active phones…What the hell is going on.


The community users that this forum was developed for, will not be able to help you … you would be best served by utilizing the Ticket process provided by Republic Wireless … Open a Ticket


Hi @roberth.8af7lt,

When you look at your Republic account online, do you see previously active phones that show as canceled or do you just see no phones.

If the latter, we see this most commonly when someone inadvertently uses a different email address from the one linked to the account housing their phone. Might you have another email address?

If the former, please follow @jben’s suggestion and raise a help ticket.


Thanks for the amplifying information (correction) :slight_smile:
’Sometimes I forget, that I can’t remember everything’


No correction, merely an additional possibility that may or may not help.


Hi @roberth.8af7lt,

Please try logging into the account portal with your Gmail address. If you need any additional help, let me know and I’ll be glad to provide additional information privately.


BUT all the correspondence between RW and I come through my hardcopycards email address and in the past that is the way I checked on my account why he change?


I’ll follow up with you later today, privately. I can’t discuss your account publicly and am away from my computer for a while.


Hi @roberth.8af7lt,

I’ve responded by support ticket. You can view it at: Ticket Details | Republic Wireless, when logged in with the Gmail address.