I am traveling to Alaska which has no cell coverage

Any suggestions on temporary work arounds? Can I use a calling card with a Moto X 2nd generation?

You will have cell coverage in some places. Your phone will work on WiFi just like it does in the rest of the country.

The light green is off-network roaming:

You can use a calling card, but you will still need to connect to a WiFi network, or the calling card won’t work. But, if you connect to a WiFi network, you won’t need a calling card. You can call anywhere in the U.S. or Canada while you’re connected to WiFi. Without WiFi and without Sprint network access, a calling card won’t be of any use with your X2.

There is some cell coverage in Alaska for voice and text (Coverage Check | Republic Wireless). You will also have the ability to use your phone where you find Wi-Fi.

a calling card will not give you coverage and you already have voice and text with you current phone where there is coverage (no native Sprint but there are roaming partners) though there no real data to be had for Republic (only 2.0 has roaming data anyway and it not worth the cost in my option.

I think I would see about getting a cheap Tracfone that has AT&T coverage, especially if you are going on a cruise.

Been there, done that. If you are on a cruise ship, spring for the WiFi. Then any time you are onboard during the cruise, you will be able to make and receive calls and texts plus be able to use the apps that require connectivity. That’s what I don’t remember if Ketchican, Juneau, or Skagway had cell coverage, but I didn’t worry about it since as soon as I got back on the ship, I had WiFi again.

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