I am upgrading from a Moto G (Gen 1) to a Moto G (Gen 4), what are some of the biggest changes I will see?

I have tried to find a comparison chart, but I think the gen difference switch is not one many people do.

Big screen/phone and better performance. Settings differences are most noticeable OS changes to me. Just an upgrade no big deal.

I upgraded from Moto G (1st gen) to G4 earlier this month. Though I haven’t discovered significant differences between 1st gen and G4 yet, I absolutely love the bigger screen, which is very easy to read! Despite of a little network hiccups I experienced with G4, I’m glad to have G4. Only thing I miss is the pricing of the 1.0 plan.

I certainly will be missing the price, but it is only $3 more. What network hiccups?

I think the biggest issue has been the coverage of TMobile and their roaming partners vs Sprint and their roaming partners for folks living in the Midwest. Buying your phone from Republic may be a big help in minimizing this issue.

For me, the size of the new phones is an issue. I like the smaller screen of the the X1 and G1 over the man purse size of the new phones. The battery in a G1 can be replaced by an average do-it-yourself individual. So that’s an advantage too. The G1 phones are on the refund plans, which I like.

Some of the Moto G4 phones have also had some touch screen issues. I believe Motorola has a fix, but you will need to send the phone in for warranty repair.

Outside of those issues, the new phones have better performance that most folks will be happy with having.

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

The discussion above is pretty long but some people have had a few issues, which is not limited to G4. With the latest update of RW app, they seem to be fixed.

comparison of specs http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/compare.php?p■■■■

see pics for size comparison

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