I bought a Moto g4 from Amazon. , I have activated it, but my coverage is not very good

I bought a Moto g4 from Amazon. It says its unlocked, and the model number is correct, but how do I know if its the North American version? I have activated it, but my coverage is not very good.

It must be the correct version or it wouldn’t have activated. Here is the coverage map for the phone you have:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

You will get the most accurate results selecting the Samsung S7 since none of the Motorola phones are listed in their selection routine.

Thank for responding. I checked the map and it says I should have coverage in the areas I’m concerned with, but my phone just doesn’t get cellular coverage in those areas. I believe my old republic phone used sprint, which had great coverage. Does the moto g4 use t-mobile?

your Amazon purchased G4 is a BYOD which at this time is GSM only

The answer to this gets pretty complex but I’ll give it a shot:

First, yes the G4 will work with either Sprint (CDMA) or T-Mobile (GSM).

Unfortunately every phone purchased elsewhere and brought to RW will work with T-Mobile because at this time there is no way for the end user to activate the phone with RW under Sprint. At some time in the future this may be possible.

Had you purchased it from RW it might have arrived working with Sprint depending on the results you get when you put your ZIP in their coverage checker. If GSM-only phones are excluded then you can be sure you will receive one configured to work with Sprint.

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

Run the coverage check and see if a set of phones are excluded. If that is the case then consider returning the phone and SIM to Amazon and buying it from RW instead.

Thanks again! I may just go ahead and send my phone back to Amazon and wait for the sale to start next week on the G4 through RW. Hopefully, that will solve the problem. I really like the phone, but it doesn’t do much good if the coverage is bad. Thanks for your time!

I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to phones. Does that mean that my coverage is not going to be as good? Would it have been better if I would have purchased the phone through RW?

If you get a CDMA phone this will be your coverage:


If you need help interpreting this give us your ZIP code.

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