I bought a new phone from Amazon how do I change over my number?

My Motorola g7 started acting up, no sound for media or phone calls unless on speaker. The next morning. the screen was flashing and then had lines down the center. The screen was so light it was hard to see. Next was the left side stopped working, making it where I couldn’t log in with my pin. I wound up purchasing a moto g stylus from Amazon. It was one of my upgrade options from the Republic Wireless site. The only reason I went with Amazon was because of it’s availability for Prime. I should have it today. I ordered it yesterday. I am not sure how to change over my number and I’m hoping the SIM card is compatible. All I could see to find was that the old phone and this new one both had nano sims.

Check the ability to use your existing SIM in this Tips & Tricks Article by @rolandh

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