I bought a new phone

I bought a Samsung s8+ to replace my moto x pure can I use the sim card in the moto x or will I need a new one?

Hi @tom4342,

Please check to see whether the SIM card from the Moto X Pure is GSM or CDMA.

If the X Pure is still working:

If not:

If it’s a GSM SIM card, you can move it to the new phone. Please be sure to reboot the new phone after installing the SIM card.

If it’s a CDMA SIM card, you cannot move it to the new phone. The Moto X Pure and the Samsung S8+ require different types of SIM cards. Additionally, our Help team would need to confirm compatibility of the S8+ on our CDMA network.

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Hi @tom4342,

I’m not sure why you’ve posted that in response to what I typed. Were you able to determine whether the SIM card in the Moto X Pure is GSM or CDMA?

I do notice the phone’s model number ends with “U” and we only support the model that ends with “U1”.

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Did you try it? The ad is a bit confusing because the model that ends in “U” is typically not the “factory unlocked” version, but a “carrier unlocked” version.

But we’ve seen some of these phones that have been flashed with the “factory unlocked” software. If that’s the case, it might still activate with a GSM SIM card.

I could give that a try for asking for a refund im not sure what sim is in the moto x its been so long

just tried said this phone doesn’t work with republic wireless booted up with a tmobile logo

I believe you have grounds for a return based on how the phone was advertised, then.

What a bummer well at least i cured the pop up ad issues with the moto x pure

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@tom4342 You may find this helpful: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone The fact that the phone is advertised as “GSM Unlocked” immediately indicates that it wouldn’t be properly compatible with Republic. More detail in the article above.


To make things worse the USPS sent the phone i returned to somewhere in Miami Florida when it was to go to Oaklawn ILL, they dont know where it is and because i went past the 12 day return policy on eBay i do not qualify for a refund.So i am out a phone and 330 dollars.The moral of the story never buy a phone on eBay.

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If u have tracking number and proof that you shipped it out during the return period…it is not your fault that the shipping carrier messed up and lost it/mis-delivered it.

Contact ebay and make a case, there also is PayPal Buyer Protection you can leverage.
It will take time, but u should be able to dispute it and get a refund.


The fact that the phone was misrepresented as being something it wasn’t should play a much bigger part in the return. After all you weren’t just returning it because you didn’t like the color or just changed your mind.

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