I bought data but where is it on my phone

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I bought 5$ data but do not know how to use it/access it
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When you’re away from Wi-Fi the data should be available for use without your needing to do anything special. This question seems similar to the one you asked a little over a year ago:


Well, I never did access that data I bought a year ago. Doesn’t ‘data’ mean internet access?

Just tell me how please! If it is automatic I may have a setting to change, or,

It should be completely automatic (yes, data means internet access). The exception would be if you had enabled Data Freeze for some reason:

When you open the Republic Wireless app, how much data does it say you have left under MY DATA?

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You should also be aware that any data purchased expires on the next billing cycle. It doesn’t carryover.

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The settings to check are here:

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it doesnt say MY DATA it says Data usage 229 mb used 4 days left . But I always see there has been data used bought or not. I still don’t see where .any mention of data I bought is.
I do have Data Saver off

I did the above and still don’t get internet when away from wifi.

This sounds like you’re looking in the Settings app. I think you’ve opened the Settings app and navigated to the Data Usage menu. It looks something like this:

@cbwahlstrom was asking you to open the Republic app and look at the screen that has the “MY DATA” heading. It looks like this.

Likewise, Data Saver is a feature of the Settings app. It’s good to confirm that you have it off, but @cbwahlstrom mentioned Data Freeze, which is a function of the Republic app. You’d want to confirm that is also turned off. He provided a link to check that Republic app setting.

When you turn off WiFi in the phone’s settings, what do your cell signal strength bars show? On my phone, there’s an “x” above the cell signal bars.


That’s because I have no cellular coverage at my house, so my phone cannot browse the internet when I have WiFi turned off. (Don’t forget to turn WiFi back on.)

it says 801 mb left and when i turn off wifi the triangle shows a few bars with the letters LTE above it

So I might have used some data but not when I wanted to use it did I ever get online! Not really happy about how vague it all is.
Thanks for all the help!

So it appears that the phone has cellular data available for use, and that it has used some data, but that you are not always able to access it as desired. It may be a case that cellular coverage is not available in the all the places you wish to use your cellular data. Can you give us a zip code for the location where data doesn’t appear to be available for your desired use?


When you see this, are you able to browse the internet? Try a quick test, not something that would consume a ton of data.

What you’re describing - a few bars and the LTE symbol would suggest you have coverage. If you see a few bars and LTE but can’t browse the internet, we’d need to figure out what’s keeping you from using data that’s available to you.

If you are able to use data in this state, then we’d want to ask you watch to see what the cellular coverage looks like when you’re wanting to use data but can’t. Perhaps you’re in an area of no coverage at that time. @cbwahlstrom’s offer to take a look at the coverage in your Zip code would help us understand that, as well.

Can you tell us more about what’s vague? What are you hoping to see instead of the amount of data you have left? What do we need to do to make it more understandable?

As @Majorninth pointed out, your available data expires on your next billing date. Although others in this topic don’t have access to your account, I’ve taken a peek and see that this date is approaching. I want to be sure you have ample time to figure out why you have had trouble using the data you bought, so I’ll add fresh GB to your account on your billing cycle date so you can have another month to explore this issue and have a chance to use the data.


Hi @arlieh,

I’ve added a GB of data to your service line at no cost to you so we can continue to explore this topic and make sure you’re able to use data when you need to.

We’ll need to continue the conversation and see if we can get it worked out before this fresh GB of data expires.

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