I bought extra data last month but it doesn't roll over to this month?


What phone do you have?
Moto 5g s plus

What plan are you on?
The 1 gig a month plan.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I purchased extra data last month because I ran out just a few days before the end of my billing cycle but I only ended up using a fraction of said data.
So, I thought it would roll over to this month seeing as the first few days of the month showed me with my monthly 1 gig and the excess that I had purchased. Sweet. Not.
Today I get notified that I have used up most of my data…
So I did some research and in another thread on here someone had the same problem but was told that they were refunded for the excess.

I checked my e-mail and I have no record of being refunded the excess, so someone has made a mistake. I should either have an extra 0.78 gigs this month or should have received 75% of $5 back.
Can I get this fixed?


There is no data roll over or refund, all data purchase within a billing cycle expires on your billing date. [This would include data purchase a day before the billing date]


To add some context to the correct answer you’ve already been given. On the old plans, data was $15/GB and refunds were offered. So, using .22GB would have cost you $3.80 On the new plans, that same GB costs only $5 but there are no refunds. So in this case that .22GB cost you $5, a bit more, but as soon as your hit .33GB the new plan gets cheaper for THAT GB of data. BUT you say you ran out of data, so I’m going to assume you started with 1GB in which case on the old plan you would have paid $18.80 for the 1.22GB on data and on the new plan you only paid $10. Gravy.


Wait what? That last sentence threw me off. What was that about $10 for some new plan?


I was comparing the old Refund plan with data at $15/GB with Refunds to the new plan with data at $5/GB for 1.22GB of usage.

On the Refund Plan 1.22GB of usage would cost $18.80, on the new plan, it would cost $10.


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