i bought new phone..blu vivo xl2..how i activate it..i have old phone moto e 2nd gen..i want to de activate this old phone and activate my new one...

activate my new phone

That phone is not on the approved phone list. So you can’t use it with Republic. Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

You can ask that it be added here: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone

ok tnx…anyway if i insert my republic sim card for my new phone is it work?

Hi @fernandop.kq4pkl,

What @marshallh is trying to tell you is the BLU phone you purchased won’t work with Republic’s app based blended WiFi/cell service no matter what SIM card you attempt to use with it. Neither he or I enjoy being the bearer of bad news but that’s the candid answer.

ohhh…ok thanks buddy

You’re most welcome! I’m truly sorry to be delivering that news and hope Republic is able to support BLU’s phones in the future. I like them a lot.

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