I bought what I thought was the Huawei Ascend 5W at midnight on 12/12.  It arrived in 3 days and I think I like it.  Nowhere on the box or the phone does it say Ascend - it says Huawei GR 5W??  Also I can't seem to find the manual to show me how to instal

I bought the Ascend 5 W and nowhere on the box or the phone does it say Ascend - it says GR 5W

This is a new model by Huawei and they have yet to publish their manual on-line. I have no idea why they didn’t put Ascend on the box or why I can’t even find that model on their site. @southpaw@rw can you shed any light on this?

I thought I read a couple of days ago, that they where essentially the same phone. PSA: Ascend 5W details

I would look at the manual for the GR 5W. Huawei - HUAWEI Gr5 - Support - Manuals

Hi @caroleg.s1q6b4

As @billg and @marshallh suggested the GR 5W is RW’s Ascend 5W.

I had that confirmed through a chat with Huawei support… PSA: Ascend 5W details

The cardboard that separates the phone from the charger contains a Quick-Start guide as well as a SIM/SD card slot tool.

(click to enlarge)

Sorry for the photo quality, hope this helps.

I when I follow that link I get a link to the manual whick takes me to a second link to the manual. The second link is dead.

HUAWEI GR5 User Guide (KII-L21, 01, English)

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Try harder. Select the download now to the right.

Thanks so much

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