I broke my moto x 2nd gen phone cpl days ago. had for a couple years with republic wireless plan. yesterday i purchased a motoG4 from Best Buy. They checked my sim card in my old phone and said it was compatible with my new phone. and started set up,  

While finishing set up my phone reads no sim card. is now stuck in emergency calls only. RW say’s I need to buy a new card. so I did this morn. my main ? once my new sim card is delivered and installed. isn’t all my info on my old sim. how will I trnsfer info? I did not save everything in a cloud or anywhere that i know of.

There is no personal information on the SIM that was in your X2 and that SIM will not work in any other phone, not even another X2.

If you sell it for parts, put the SIM back in it.

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