I can hear them but they can't hear me


When I place or receive a call, the caller or callee can’t hear me
But I can hear them


Need a bit more info

  1. Which phone?
  2. Which Plan
  3. Does this fail Cell, WiFi or BOTH?
  4. Is this a new install problem, or did you just upgrade


Knowing if this is happening on cell calls or while on WiFi and what model of phone you have is crucial in being able to troubleshoot.


It’s a Moto X. First Generation I think. It happens both on WiFi & Cellular formats


If both Cell and WiFi calling results in the party you call not hearing you, that does a couple of things (imho)

  • Rules out WiFi Router problems that can cause one way audio
  • I would access the Moto Help …:motohelp: found in the App drawer :appsicon: then select ‘Fix’ Tab and run the Microphone test
    • If this fails, then it probably is a hardware problem … but I would then suggest running in Safe Mode , test then, Clear Cache retest, followed by Factory Reset