I can not set up my new phone


What phone do you have?
Motorola g6 Play

What plan are you on?
data talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?


Issue Description

I have not been able to get my phone started… Sim card is installed and I downloaded the updates with the new updates.

I get messages like
Invaid Sim Card
Sim card is locked
Cell Network not available for voice mail

How can I get my phone to work. Please explain it to me like I am a 6 year old. You can even call me [number redacted]


Hi @arthurs.di107x,

Was the G6 Play purchased from Republic? If so, are you using the SIM that should have come preinstalled? If the G6 Play was purchased from a third party other than Republic, what is the source of the SIM?

You mentioned downloading updates. Was on of those updates the required Republic app?


Yes!!! The G6 was purchased from Republic … 08/20/18. Has never been set up. Can you tell my utter frustration

Yes… I am using the Sim card that came with the phone but it was not pre-installed

I am not sure if one of the downloads was the required Republic App… There is no icon there amongst the other pre-installed icons

Thank You


Interesting as my understanding is Republic is currently preinstalling SIMs. Please verify the SIM is installed as described here: How to Install the SIM Card in a Moto G6 or G6 Play – Republic Help.

Please try the following:

  1. Open Google’s Play Store app.
  2. Search for Republic.
  3. Tap Republic.
  4. Do you see options to Update and Open?
  5. If so, tap Update.

Presuming the above is successful, please then open the Republic app and attempt to complete activation. Republic’s activation guidance is here: Activate Your Phone – Republic Help.

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Hi @arthurs.di107x,

Were you able to get your phone activated?


No I could not… I sent it to my brother in Raleigh NC (Your one store in the entire country) to see if he could get it fixed. This is NOT good customer service. Can I return the phone and get my money back???


Hi @arthurs.di107x,

Is the phone currently with your brother in Raleigh?

We no longer have a store in Raleigh. Our service is designed to be an online service.

This is our Member Community, where our experienced members (customers) help others with their questions about our phones, our service, and our policies. In order to get help activating your phone through our Community, you would need to continue to reply and let the members helping you know what you’ve done and what you’re seeing. There is not a way for anyone here to activate the phone for you.

If you need our staff to assist you, you would need to open a ticket. We have a dedicated Help Team who assists our members online.

Although I feel certain we can help you through this, we do offer a 14-day return policy.

It was extended for the holidays, so the extension might apply in your situation.

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