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Was there an update last week? Cause since last week I haven’t been able to get into my voicemail. It errors with a message.

Activating visual voicemail.

What do I do with that?

It is asking for a Password when I “CALL Voicemail” as insturcted. it asks for a password. Ih my RW app. I have never had the Password turned on with the radio button and it is still not turned on now.
I have powercycled my phone a few times. it doesn’t fix it.

Hi @dukewags,

Please see if this helps with the Activating visual voicemail message:

I just did another turn off let phone sit for 5 mins. Turn back on. Now I can access my existing voicemails. but I Still have the visual Voicemail error message at the top. and no way to go to the next step.

The message is expected and won’t go away. Republic is attempting to work around that Google bug as well, but doesn’t yet have a solution.

You must have a voicemail password to dial-in. When the “option” isn’t selected in the app it simply means that dial-in access to voicemail isn’t possible. You’ll want to set a password there to enable the ability to dial-in to voicemail.

So why is it forcing me to have the “dial-in” option when I have chosen not to have all this time?

Is there a need to have it that I am missing?

Hi @dukewags,

What phone do you have?
Is the Phone app up to date?
What version of the Republic app do you have?

We’re currently in the process of rolling out Republic app version which addresses some recent changes that Google made to the Phone app.

Do you see the voicemail tab in the phone app?
If so, do you see your voicemail listed there?

It sounds like yes, you can see them. If so, you can safely disregard the “Activating Visual Voicemail” message.

How is it forcing you? This makes me think you’re not seeing the voicemail tab.

If we can better understand exactly what you’re seeing, we may be able to do a better job of answering your questions.

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