I cannot make calls. The call never rings. My husband also cannot make calls

He has G7, I have e4plus. It’s not a phone issue, apparently. He was able to call me once. But now he cannot place calls again. Our wifi is good. Restarted my phone.

Same problem here! Different phones - both my hubby and me

I cannot call out or receive calls right now. This wasn’t an issue last night. I’m getting an error dial tone after about 10 seconds and then it hangs up.

Same here.

same here. phone says caling via republic network, but never makes the call. either it ends with a “we’re sorry all circuits are busy now” message or 3 beeps and hangs up.

Same issue here

Same issue here, I’m connected to wifi but the phone is trying to connect the call over cellular. I have good internet here, never been a problem before today. I also have good cell signal, not sure why the phone won’t connect.

What are you seeing that suggests it’s trying to connect over cell, and does it succeed on cell?

I’ve tried on a separate wifi connection, same problem, calls will not connect. Maybe this is a provider issue?

Will not connect on wifi or cell.

Same here. I was cut off during a call in progress about 20-ish minutes ago, and now I cannot make or receive calls on either cell or wifi.

Same with the three beeps and call doesn’t go thru. Thought it was a billing issue, but I had just made a few calls an hour ago. Briefly saw a maintenance message before website login but it was supposed to be for 9/26 at 1pm I believe

I’ve experienced this issue before, a reboot of the phone usually fixes it, not this time. Seems to be more than one user, so provider related.

Just received this from the help center:
It appears Republic is having an outtage as we’re flooded with reports. Engineering has been alerted.

Regards, Louis
Republic Customer & Community Expert

Our engineers are investigating, and we’ll update our status page at Republic Wireless Status - Calling Issues as we make progress toward a resolution.

Thank you all for reporting the issue here. There is no need to open a help ticket.

I’ll also reply here once the outage is resolved.

There is an outage. It’s not just a user issue. Republic has acknowledged this issue and is working on it, apparently.


Hi all,
Thank you for your continued patience in this matter. Our engineers are continuing to work diligently with our carrier partner for a resolution.

I have to step away from my computer, but @rolandh is going to continue to monitor our status and is in touch with our leadership team. He will post an update here if the issue is resolved while I am away.

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Hi @amyo.2wr1xu, @micheller.m2jxdk, @stephanied.ffxjq8, @cbwahlstrom, @collinh.pmsequ, @sanjays.9l5p5v, @jameso.po1vbp, @brianlion, @teerich20, and everyone else following this topic. Although we have not yet been given a final all-clear from our carrier partner, we are seeing calling resume on our networks.

Please try calling and let us know if the issue persists. You may want to try on both WiFi and cell, and you want to reboot your phone if you have any trouble initially.

It is working for me now. I did reboot my phone before trying a call.

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