I cannot text 4 digit short sms


Moto X 2nd gen, data, republic refund plan

Issue Description

Trying to send 4-digit short code and it will not send.
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Hi Kelly,

Which short code isn’t working for you? Which company is using that short code? Also, which texting app are you using, the one that came with the phone or a different one?


Howdy Johnny,

The short code is 3885 for Direct TV Now. I am also using the texting app that came with the phone.

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3885 does not appear to be currently registered with any company and I do not get a response when I send to it.

21880 is currently registered to Direct TV and I do get a response from DirecTV when I send to that code.

Please try the following: Start a new chat to 21880. Send the word Help

Let us know if you get a response or not.


Thank you again for your continued help. I did send “help” to 21880 and I got an auto reply how to direct message or call Direct TV.

I get the 3885 number when I try to sign up up for DirctTV Now on the internet. It gives me a pop-up window and tells me to send a text to that number with a particular word. They seem to use that to verify if I have the right AT&T bundle plan to qualify.




Sorry. I just rechecked the code… it was 2885


Odd…i signed up for Direct TV Now trial just fine a couple months ago and it never needed to send a code to my phone.

Edit: Unless you are using the wrong sign up page…the AT&T special sign up page is to link your ATT wireless account to Direct TV NOW account, as you get that free(or at discount) with ATT service. If you phone is R.W, you cant sign up for that.



Correct…that screen shot just posted clearly says it is ONLY if you have an ATT phone on ATT account.
That wont work if you on RW.


Thank you Speeding Cheetah,

I am most likely trying to do something the wrong way. I had just recently signed up for At&T with Direct TV so I thought I was in the right place. I will rethink my steps. I appreciate you sharing.



Thank you for helping me read. :slight_smile:


Lol. yea. its ok.

Anywho, for that promotion, you must have a qualifying ATT Unlimited plan to get Direct TV Now, so says the fine print. I think that is their highest priced post paid plan, so like, $80 or $90 a month or something.

The page to sign up for direct tv now if you are not with ATT is here:


Thank you for further helping me. This was NOT my finest moment. I’m technically not with AT&T for phone, but I got bum rushed by AT&T salesmen at my door to switch my current cable and internet to AT&T. They told me At&T bought Direct TV. Who knows. Anyway, I am going to get out of it… if I am strong enough.


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