I cant change my password on my MotoG 1 old phone

Cant remember my password to get my YiFi

What phone do you have? MotoG 1 older phone. YiFi and Text.

What plan are you on? $10.00/month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk and text

Issue Description

I tried to get on the YiFi and didnt "no Authorization. I have the wrong password and want to reset the password and I don't know where to go to change it. please help.

Please help, i need instruction to change password.

See above. Where do i change my password for the MotoG Older phone. Help

Hi @gwenp and welcome to the Member Community. I assume you are talking about resetting the home network password on the Moto G1. If so, the following How To should help.

I don’t have my old Moto G1 charged or I’d confirm the steps. This should get you started. Remember, you are simply forgetting the old network password and then entering the new one when you try and log back on your home WiFi.

Hope this helps! Come back if you have questions.

No That didn’t help. i dont have a password. We lost it, how do I make another password for this phone! I am frustrated.

I’m confused. You can’t get into the phone (screen lock)? Or you can’t login to WiFi when you are using the phone? Or you can’t remember your Republic Wireless account password?

Forget this…going in circles. I have given all the information you asked, and I still don’t know how to put a new password ( that I can’t remember in this MOTOG1 phone. I’m going to have to go toBest Buy to help me (unfortunately).out. This is frustrating. I did the 3 dot thing, I did not recognize any of them.

Cant login to WiFi without a password.

If you forgot the phone’s screen lock pattern, PIN, or password:

If you forgot your password to your home WiFi:

I am in the WiFi , but need a password to open in. Its asking for a password. yes, and says Authenentication error

This means that you need the password for your network. Republic doesn’t have that. Republic can’t give it to you. Republic can’t reset it for you. You’ll need to reach out to your internet service provider who may have access to that password or will be able to provide you instructions for resetting the password on the service they provide.

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