I can't log in to Google mail, Google play store stop working

Google play store stop working. How do I fix. Thank you

My son is having the same problem with his phone & we can’t figure out what the problem is.

Same problemhere.

  1. Backed up and factory reset Moto X - 1st gen. Now phone will not take google email account or anything. Error is “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped.”

  2. Play store says it must be updated. Click update and same error “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped.”

  3. More factory resets. Same errors.

  4. Called Google Support at (855) 836-3987 - Was told it is a known problem with no time estimate to repair.

  5. Chatted Google Support and was told “it is not because you have a Muslim name, but you must email us your Government ID & utility bill or lease.” !!! I told them I was not trying to buy anything, and Google said again it’s not because I have a "Muslim -like middle name!" Chat rep did not report any known errors with Google Play Store.

  6. Downloaded play store & play store services .apk files to install, but same err (Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped.")

  7. Am at a loss as to what to do. RW phone (moto x) works for calls, but cannot restore the phone and apps.

Welcome any suggestions you have! The phone worked ok, but was slowing down, so I backed up to Google Servers and did a factory reset – but now cannot restore due to above errors.


Hi @terrylane

There is an issue with Google currently as reflected here: Trying to register a phone and google play services has stopped

It sounds like you have already attempted this but thought I would include the link. Solving Common Problems | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Wow, number 5 is unbelievable!..(not doubting you of course, just shocked).

I see that you have received some good advice already from @c1tobor . Here is a customer written document that should get this resolved for you.

Solving Common Problems | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

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