I can't receive calls

I can’t receive calls. People are telling me they tried for long periods of time to reach me. Also my problem is back where it says I’m out of data and I have NOT used it. SO I have a ticket open somewhere I believe with that issue. I’m getting really frustrated!!

Hi @juliannen.boyiqu,

I tried calling you and got voicemail. Is this the experience others are having?

Your ticket is here
It has been awaiting your reply since late November. Our agents need your help and participation to troubleshoot the issue.

Yes. I guess that’s what is happening to other people. They just gave me a credit last time and said they would be in contact when they figured out the solution. And I never heard back.

Did you click the link in the reply your received from Southpaw? It leads directly to you ticket.

I did click the link and read all of the messages and they are things that I did back then to try and fix my problem. I really didn’t see anything new. I have received an email though saying I can maybe try the partner carrier to see if the problem can receive a more permanent fix.

Hi @juliannen.boyiqu,

Your issue in the past coincided with a larger issue many members were experiencing. Since your issue continued beyond the fix for that larger issue, the ticket was pending any update from you as to whether or not the issue was solved. So while there may not have been anything new to try, we just needed some news from you on it not being solved so our agents would know to keep working with you.

I’m sorry that wasn’t more clear and you’ve been dealing with this for so long.

I hope you’ll keep working with the Help team in the ticket so they can get this solved for you.

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