I can't receive texts when I'm not connected to the internet. Aren't texts support to be able to be received like calls without internet?


For some reason I can’t receive text messages when I’m not connected to the internet. Shouldn’t I be able to?


You don’t say what phone you’re on, but if you’re on one of the new 3.0 phones, all texting is done over data. This data is not charged to the customer, nor does the customer need to have a data plan BUT you must leave data and roaming data on at all times for texting to work correctly.


just for clarity the cell and roaming data needs to be left on in the android setting (Cell data can be turn off within the republic app {3.0 has no user roaming data})


That makes sense. I do turn off my data often because I feel like I’m using it up when I don’t mean to. Thank you! Helps a lot!


You can turn off user access to data from the Republic App to be sure that you’re not accidently consuming your data.