I can't redownload the Bank of America app on my Huawei Ascend 5W

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Huawei Ascend 5W

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My Choice

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1gb of data

Hello everyone. About 2ish month ago, I tried to open YouTube on my phone, and I got this message: “YouTube won’t run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device.” I sadly deleted my Bank of America app to conserve space a few weeks ago, thinking I would be able to make space available and redownload it again like I’ve done multiple times in the past.

However, I don’t even see the Google Play Store app on my phone anymore to reinstall it. I use the Bank of America app to deposit checks, which saves me from having to do at least a 1 hour or more roundtrip drive every two weeks.

Is there any way I can get Bank of America reinstalled on my phone in a non bootleg way, or has the time come for me to have to upgrade to another phone in order to use Bank of America?

(BTW, although I like the YouTube app on my phone, I still can use youtube.com to view videos on my phone if needed, but what’s more important to me is still being able to use Bank of America).

The weird thing to this story is when I go play.google.com on my computer, Google says the Bank of America app “is compatible with some of your devices.” I think click the button “installed” and the Huawei is listed as a device compatible with this Bank of America app. (At one point this app was installed, but it isn’t installed on my phone now.)

My fear is that your device is no longer supported by Google Play services, but maybe it’s something else (the device still appears on the Google Play supported device list). Here’s the Google Play Help for Play Store won’t open, load, or download apps:


To the best of my knowledge, while newer Huawei devices lack access to Google Play services, Huawei phones that already had Goggle Play services support are not impacted by the current dispute between the U.S. government and Huawei.


Yes, that’s supposed to be the case. I’m just wondering aloud if a mistake was made. Hopefully it’s just a glitch with the OP’s device that can be remedied.

I have a couple pre-2019 Huawei tablets that continue to function fabulously.

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@rolandh & @cbwahlstrom,

  • Is there a possibility that @aFloridian is running to a situation where he doesn’t have enough memory available to handle an update?
    • Removing an app or two and retrying could prove/disprove this theory
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Anything’s possible. I was just going off the Play services message and missing Play Store. If it was my phone I would probably just factory reset it, but some people are more attached to their saved messages and local files than I am.


What happens if you then select your phone from that list, after you click “installed”?


Thanks @cbwahlstrom @rolandh @jben and @southpaw for your responses. I’m sorry for my late response.

My immediate solution was to use a friend’s phone to install the Bank of America app and deposit my checks. That saved me from making a 1.5 hour round trip to going to one of the nearest Bank of America’s near me. I’ve been doing mobile deposits for probably around 7 years, and I’m thankful for the convience.

I got the Huawei Ascend 5W during the Republic Wireless special, which I think was exactly 4 years ago. I was thinking I would keep my phone a little bit more into 2021, but I’m probably going to get another phone soon. It’ll probably be a phone that does both CDMA and GSM on Republic Wireless. I want to see if CDMA is better in my area; it’s been a while since I’ve used CDMA with Repulic Wireless.

As far as my Huawei Ascend 5W phone goes, it’s just interesting to me that the Google Play Store is gone as far as what I can tell. Maybe this is a space issue; however, I’ve dealt with space issues on my 16gb phone for a long time. It could be a space issue.

@southpaw, I did click on install on my phone, but it didn’t install. I tried that the day I reported the problem. I don’t have a lot of space, so I can see why it didn’t install. However, I still don’t understand why I don’t have the Play Store on my phone.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Hi @aFloridian
Your list appears to be sorted alphabetically. On my phone the Google Play Store is listed simply as “Play Store” so it’s actually alphabetized in the “P” section of the apps.

Could it be that it was recently renamed on your phone and slid further down the list than where you are looking for it?

I’m not familiar with the UI on the Ascend, but on most phones I’ve used, when I open the apps drawer, there’s a Play Store icon :playstore: at the top of the screen, above all the apps. Any chance you have the icon there?

I think that may be the best solution, if you’re also struggling with space issues. That phone was a bargain phone when it was on special, but I don’t think anyone ever imagined we’d have members get 4 years of use out of it!

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No. I didn’t see the Play Store anywhere in my various homepages of my phone, and I didn’t see it in any part of the app store. It used to be in a Google folder on my phone, but it’s not there anymore.

My YouTube app stopped working around 1.5ish months ago. I’m wondering if that was related to YouTube app potentially being updated. Then I noticed probably around 2-3ish weeks later that I couldn’t use the Gmail app as well.

Yeah, it definitely is about time that I get another phone. :slight_smile: Using the Huawei Ascend 5W for 4 years makes it the smartphone I’ve actively used for the longest amount of time.

I was looking at the Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power on Republic Wireless’ website. I like the fact that there are CDMA and GSM options in both of these phones, and they have at least 64gb of internal space, which is a lot more than the 16gb that I’ve been struggling with on my Ascend. I looked a little bit at a Pixel on Swaapa. However, I’m leaning towards getting a new phone the early part of January 2021.

Can I request CDMA coverage if I get one of those Moto G phones?

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Yes. Not when you order the phone - the SIM card selection is done automatically and we have no way to maually intervene, but we can send you a CDMA SIM card separately if the automatic process pairs your phone with a GSM SIM card. Instructions are here:


Thanks for the info, @southpaw


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