I can't swap my Samsung J3 back to RW. Get SIM card error

Long story , not too short though. I had a Samsung J3 I bout at RW activated here. The screen cracked and I sent it in to Samsung. They repaired it. The sim card & battery were removed and in bags in the box. Now I want to swap phones back from my current Moto E 2nd Gen back to my J3. All the apps were still in tack and contacts on the J3 when I got it back. But no Republic Wireless app. I went to play store, downloaded and installed the app. When I click on the app it starts up in activation mode but then and error pops up ( Invalid Sim card, open a ticket.) I do have Wireless internet working but it wouldn’t call out. I then tried the ##72786# trick and it asked me if I want to activate the phone. Clicked yes. Got error message ( Sorry but this device and sim pair are not eligible for Activation. So I did a complete reset on the phone and got the same results. Does this mean I have to buy a New sim card for my J3 or am I just swapping phones the wrong way? The instructions to swap a already past account J3 phone swap is no where to be found. Yes the card is in correct and shows no sign of scratches or damage. Please help.

When you activated your Moto E 2nd gen to replace your damaged J3, the SIM card from the J3 was deactivated. Once a Republic Wireless GSM SIM card is deactivated, it cannot be reactivated. You will need to order a new SIM card.

Hi @wahyut.7nwg9i,

@cbwahlstrom is correct about the need to replace the SIM in your J3 in order to get it reactivated on Republic’s network. I suggest raising a help ticket to discuss that with Republic. As you quite reasonably activated your Moto E so as to have a working phone while Samsung repaired the J3; I’m confident a conversation with Republic staff about replacing the SIM free of charge would be worth having.

Out of curiosity did you mean ##8647## as opposed to ##72786#. The latter sequence works on legacy Republic phones like your Moto E but not on new Republic 3.0 phones. In this case, since your J3’s SIM was deactivated when you moved service back to the Moto E, I’m afraid no dialer sequence will help.

Thank you again for your help rolandh. Yep, it’s me. The same person who had issues 6 months ago or less trying to Activate my Moto E. For some reason the self help section is like a mind maze going around in circles trying to find the correct info for the correct Model. I was surprised to hear about the J3 needing a new SIM card after deactivation, because my Moto E (both 1st & 2nd Gen have been deactivated and reactivated twice on the same card. And your correct. I was trying code ##72789# cause that’s all I could find. Also after it failed to activate I did open up a case on the pop up message error yesterday. I guess now it’s waiting time to see if I have to pay around $10 total for a new card. I’m assuming it;s a nano size card. I’ll have to google it… Thanks again.

Thank you for the reply. That having to get a new card issue must of started with the J3 models , cause both my Moto E 1st and 2nd Gen models were both deactivated and reactived with no need to replace the SIM card. The 2nd Gen was even bought used on eBay with no need for a new card. .Seems like the more these smart phones advance the more they build in tricks from the manufactures to cost us more money down the road. Wish the good old days of the flip phone were back. Flip the lid and dial. Want internet, go to ones laptop. Thanks for your help. I opened up a ticket hoping at least the new card is free. I was going to take this J3 with me on Vacation tomorrow back to my homeland of Indonesia, but it appears I have to stay with the Moto E until I get back.

Hi @wahyut.7nwg9i

You’re most welcome! I’m happy to hear you were able to get Samsung to repair your J3’s screen (if I remember correctly).

Without boring you with technical detail, your J3 is a GSM phone. Your Moto E1 and E2 are CDMA phones. SIMs in CDMA phones are used only for 4G LTE data access. In fact, your Moto E1 doesn’t have a SIM because it’s not a 4G LTE capable phone.

GSM phones unlike CDMA phones tie service to the SIM rather than the phone. This is why it’s possible to move service from one GSM phone to another GSM phone by swapping the active SIM from old to new phone. This doesn’t work with CDMA phones.

In any event, you deactivated your J3’s GSM SIM when you transferred your service back to the Moto E. Since the reason for this was beyond your control, I’m confident Republic won’t ask you to pay for a new SIM. If you’ll be kind enough to share your ticket number here, I can ask staff to be certain it’s waiting in the right queue for fastest possible resolution.

Yes that was me with the cracked crystal on my J3 due to the cold. I sent it in but they refused to fix it. I then filed a report with the BBB on Samsung a wala, next day air to and from free shipping and it was fixed with no charge. I checked my emails and have no record yet of a ticket number. Even though I had internet service on the J3 when I filled out the form on the phone error message page , perhaps it did not send it since I didn’t have phone service. IDK?.

Hi @wahyut.7nwg9i,

Do you see the ticket when signed into your Republic account from a computer here: Republic Help?

Nope, no ticket notice on my account, so I just got off with Chat support. She said their sending a new card Free by Next day Air. Will get here by Tuesday but I’m leaving overseas in the morning. My fault though for waiting for the last few days before I tried to reactivate the J3. I just assumed it was as easy as the Moto E’s were.

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