I can't transfer photos from my Moto X Pure to my computer

I used to have no problem in the past, but now this:

When I attempt to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop via USB cable, my laptop recognizes the device, and I can view the main folders, but when I open the DCIM folder, there is no Camera folder as there has been before.

I have set my phone to transfer files (MTP), and double-checked where the files are on my phone (DCIM/Camera). I tried this on a couple different computers with the same results. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @lilyc.mwbgxi

Sorry for the late reply. Usually someone will respond in a timely matter.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Is it possible you simply, inadvertently, moved the file to another section/location?. Maybe the SD drive?.

It is just a shot in the dark, but since you asked.

Have you resolved this?.

You seem to have found yourself in an interesting conundrum if I’m reading your question correctly. You are able to view all your other folders correctly from the computer but not the Camera folder itself?

One quick fix that may work: Have you tried switching the phone over to PTP (vs MTP)? The Photo Transfer Protocol actually makes the computer think the phone is a camera so rather than browsing all the files, the computer and phone should directly open up the camera folder to help view / move the photos directly.

Go to

Settings -> Apps -> (three vertical dots) Show System

In your list of Apps

  1. Tap on “External Storage” -> Storage -> Clear Data

  2. Tap on “Media Storage” -> Storage -> Clear Data

Restart your phone and then reconnect to USB
***If you try to connect the phone to USB without a restart… it will not display any folders

Thank you! That worked!

You’re welcome!

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