I created a ticket, how do I get help? I didn't find any where to post the ticket?

I created a ticket, please help me! Whats next?

How do I publish it?

Getting Help from Republic

if you submitted a ticket and have not heard on it for 24 hours them please feel free to post the ticket number here in this thread

if you think it’s something fellow customers can help with (which many issues are) please post your issue and we will try to help

(if it’s a billing or account setting type issue you will most likely need to wait till republic get to your ticket)

on the ticket create page there should be a blue chat now box to get quick answers to question Republic Help

You can view and respond to tickets you have submitted at Tickets | Republic Wireless

Just to be clear…you do need to click on SEND in the last pop-up that you see, to complete the ticket submission.

If that did not happen…you probably have pop-up blocking software/plug-in that is preventing that pop-up. Try another web browser or incognito mode of Chrome.

You can verify if your ticket was submitted by following @cbwahlstrom’s instructions above.

If you don’t see your ticket there…and you are unable to submit a ticket using that interface…you can send an email to

help@republicwireless.com and it will get converted into a ticket.

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