I currently use a Motoo E phone, and I want to replace it with a Moto G Play. Can I swap out the sim card from the E and place it in the G? How do I get all my info from the E to the G?

I want to make sure there is a non-tech user friendly way to get my data, contacts, etc. from my old Moto E phone and into my Moto G Play.


A new sim card for the 3.0 phones can be bought from Amazon or the RW store. The E2 sim stays in the E2 phone if you keep or sell it.

If you have a gmail account on your phone the contacts should switch phones and the phone number too when the G4 play is activated as a replacement phone for the E2. If you use google photos the pics should be in the cloud and you can get them easily. Text you need a 3rd party app from the playstore.

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