I decided on the Galaxy A42

I now have a Moto X4 and the battery is failing… I believe I will purchase the galaxy A42. Can I just take the sim out of the moto & put in the galaxy? It is GSM sim.

Hi @lweetz and welcome back to the Member Community. You should be able to move the GSM SIM to the new phone. If you purchase the new phone from RW it should come with a GSM SIM installed so there would be no need to move the SIM from the old phone.

If you are buying the A42 somewhere else this Tips & Tricks article might help.

Hope this helps!

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Ok, great thanks… I was going to buy the phone from Amazon but the model shows SM-A426UZKBXAA (from Samsung) and on RW the compatible model is SM-A426UI…
Is there a difference? Samsung has a special of $70 off

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That is the correct model. Samsung has a crazy confusing scheme for model numbers. A longer manufacturer’s part number (which is what you’re seeing at Amazon) which is different from the model number. In any case, the models that start with SM-A426 and end in XAA are the correct US Factory Unlocked models of the A42.


Ok, great… Thank you

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