I dialed an 833 number. What is my risk?


I was trying to figure out why I was suddenly having a hard time logging into mint.com, and I ended up on a website in which someone posted to call the company at 833-663-6600. I stupidly called it without checking. I got a long silent pause and then three beeps. When I googled the phone number, it was posted in various places as the customer service number for facebook, amazon, etc. What risk is there for me now, having dialed that number? Does it only amount to someone having my number to use for telemarketing, or worse?


Hi @Doubtless!

Other than them spoofing your number and/or telemarketing/spam calls, I don’t think there is too much to be worried about. I don’t know of any way someone can steal your identity by just dialing a number. Especially since you did not speak with anybody. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.


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Ok thanks.

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