I do not understand storage

I am constantly using up storage. I delete not knowing what else to do. I make videos of over 30 minutes several times a week/month. I’m scared to hit delete but I have…What can I do???

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Humm, Well depending on your model of phone (we don’t know what you have), you might be able to use an SD card for more storage. I would also recommend hooking up your phone up to your computer every so often and copy off your videos so you don’t have to deleting them.

There is the option to upload them to some kinda cloud solution (google Drive…and others), but I think that would end up costing you a lot of $$ for storage.

Keep a copy on your computer… and your computer backed up… and you’re good :wink:

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What phone model are you using? What resolution are you using?

Phones are not exactly designed to be full time video cameras.
That can greatly wear-down the internal flash memory as well as cause the phone to heat up, and heat is any electronics worst enemy. It can greatly reduces the life of the phone.
Todays higher end phones take 4K videos, and u needs lots of space for those.

If you record that much video that often, it would be best to invest in a dedicated video camera of some sort that is designed to handle that kinda of work load.

As previous suggested, if the phone supports it, get a micro SD to expand the storage ability.
You would still need to pull the videos off the phone via USB to a computer when storage gets full, or a if you backup them to the cloud, like via Google Photos, you can remove them from the phone to free up space.

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