I don't know what to do


3days ago I started to get my phone number transfer and they (republic) said to call my carrier (Vontage) and have them close there order. So I called Vontage and they told me that they show no orders that are open.Then Vontage told me to call Repuplicand get the order number from them and they will look into it further.Then I talk to Republic in wich I didnt Know how to get back with other than openning another ticket…were they said they didn’t have a order number and more or less just said there snding my questions to another department…that was yesterday aout 5pm Ihavent herd nothing since?


Hi @donm.zcfvqv,

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties. My guess is that the referenced other department within Republic is the porting (number transfer) team. Generally, they’re a business hours operation, so you may not hear further before Monday.

Meanwhile, may I ask if you’re trying to transfer your Republic number to Vonage? Or, are you trying to transfer a Vonage number to Republic?