I don't stay logged into RW Forums

I can only stay logged onto RW forums for about a day. Most other web sites let me stay logged on for weeks or months.
Has anyone else experienced this? I am using the latest stable Firefox on PureOS to access these fora. I use an ad blocker (uBlock Origin).

Hi @kwe,

Just a FYI sans a good answer for you. I use Firefox on a Win 10 PC and seem to stay logged in for about 48 hours. Positive it’s >24 with no input from me unless there has been a recent change.


Hi @kwe,

Sorry to be very late to reply to you. The end of the year was a bit hectic for me.

Can you tell me where you are logging in? Do you have the “remember me” box checked on the login page?

There is a site setting specific to how long a user remains logged in. I need to investigate how that works with our SSO, since that is tied to the account portal and I cannot override it.

I don’t anticipate keeping users logged in for months. I think the individual’s act of logging in is a lesser burden than the potential for some sort of inappropriate user account event happening on a shared computer. I am, however, open to extending the timeout period beyond 24 hours, and am interested to hear what you (and others) think is a reasonable amount of time.

How often do you find yourself interested in posting in Community, but find the act of logging in to be too much effort? (Note: This is a genuine question, based on the fact that you must find it to be somewhat burdensome or you wouldn’t have posted this topic in the first place. It is not meant as sarcasm.)

I have no problem staying logged in for months(?) Can’t remember the last time I logged in. Check forum every day so maybe that’s what keeps me logged in.

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Yes - that’s the key, the frequency of your visits. Thank you for checking every day :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Every morning I go to https://forums.republicwireless.com/new and I get an Oops message. I click a button named Login and go to https://auth.republicwireless.com/login?continue=https%3A%2F%2Fauth.republicwireless.com%2Fsaml2%2Flogin%3FSAMLRequest%3DjZFBS8QwEIX%2FSm85tWnTrWVDWyjuZWG97KoHL5JNp24wTWomUX%2B%2BzYq4gogwlwfvfTO8aVBMeuZ98Cezh5cA6JMeEZxX1lxbg2ECdwD3qiTc7XctOXk%2FI6d0tC5MmDmYw1Er%2BaYcaEDMpJ2oWGg0gqkUWh%2BFfCbJZiErIyL2GxKNvyNimlFtn5QhyXbTksfVWBZ1eTWmciiP6aqAdSqqWi4SWC1YXYphWKyIAbYGvTC%2BJSxnRZovU90WFS%2FWvKwfSHIPDs9nsCwnyfukDfK4ryXBGW4FKuRGTIDcS37ob3Z8MXLx1cplZP47MzvrrbSadE108%2FN1rvtHhw29DHyqn2%2FqPgA%3D%26SigAlg%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2F09%2Fxmldsig%23rsa-sha1%26Signature%3DDUm%2B6OrR0zBDoqyQSRpsPk30dxG72AcZMX0TDWmAPJ5oyU3yljysOVANHjhwYGLo4Ci5R9vQbb%2F%2FmWUZbq9vlSE%2FMLS4PpeZq4ha3R%2BGmyCPJGs0QUFtcwX3HpkLeM86Ra2fQXioQ%2FFsiD8GKZIsUv7ltVPzvq5KaxWqkq%2B9vHM%3D%26verify%3D4c4bd566073b938205d19575f415e1b4&service=default&theme=light

I fill in my username and password and check the Remember Me box and it takes me to Member Community

The next morning I return and get the Oops page.

I use the latest stable Firefox with uBlock Origin enabled on PureOS Linux laptop.

auth.republicwireless.com… is Republic’s single sign-on (SSO) portal. The SSO portal is used to sign into multiple Republic websites (account portal, Help Center, etc.) in addition to Community. Checking the “Remember Me” box there doesn’t extend any timeouts imposed by various Republic sites. The account portal times out far more quickly than Community for example. Generally, website “Remember Me” options store one’s user ID (for Republic the email address associated with one’s Republic account). Generally, for security reasons, they are not intended to store passwords.

I’m uncertain about the “Oops” page, however, that you’re being asked to sign in the following morning (roughly 24 hours after previous sign in) would seem to be the currently expected behavior, which @southpaw has expressed openness to changing.

Perhaps, tomorrow morning if you don’t mind satisfying my curiosity, you might post a screenshot of the “Oops” page?

I would start with uBlock Origin. It may be blocking the cookie that keeps you logged in.


@rolandh, the “Oops” page looks like this, and is the standard page for trying to view private content while signed out.

The “new” page renders content that is new since your last visit, so Community members need to be logged in to see that view.

Thanks for that additional insight @kwe. I greatly appreciate that you’re making this effort to keep up with what’s new in Community each morning.

I’m going to make an adjustment to the session timeout settings. Will you also please look into the possibility that uBlock Origin is blocking cookies from our Community, as @cbwahlstrom suggested?

There are three factors contributing, here. The RW SSO with the “remember me” option, the cookie that Community places in your browser, and a server-side session timeout that looks at the length of time since your last visit. Of those, the Community Manager (me! :see_no_evil: ) is empowered to adjust only the third. I’ll gladly do so, and look forward to hearing if we get any closer to keeping you logged in for your morning browsing.

I regret that I didn’t whitelist RW in uBlock Origin, but I’ve never seen a third-party login cookie before. I have whitelisted RW yesterday and this morning I am on the forum without a new login. So, either the whitelist did it, or you have already extended the login from your end. Thanks.


Thanks for following up @kwe!

I did extend the timeout, but since you are visiting the Community “every morning” it would stand to reason that sometimes you would be visiting at less than 24 hours since your last visit ended - and since the timeout was previously set to 24 hours, I think the cookie was the more likely culprit in your case.

However, in thinking through your question (and with some discussion with the Ambassadors, who often help me think through Community-specific concepts), I learned there were other very good reasons to extend the session timeout beyond 24 hours, so I’m very glad you brought up the matter.


I re-enabled uBlock Origin on RW and my login cookie persists, so I expect that your extension of your timeout is what fixed things for me. Surprised others hadn’t complained, but I am quite happy that you didn’t lose my complaint and fixed the problem.
Eventually, every problem I have with phone service does get fixed. By you or internet pixies.


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