I entered the wrong shipping address in my sim card order. how can i fix this?


Republic had stored my previous information when I bought my Moto G 1st gen a while back. I updated my billing info in the order form when I was buying a new sim card for a new phone, but as I was clicking the last order button, I realized that I had not changed my shipping address from our old house that we moved from 2+ years ago. How can I fix this? The order has not yet showed up on my ‘Orders, Payments, & Returns’ category in my account. Any Advice?




This is tough, especially on Saturday when the accounting people are off. Your only hope is clicking on Help at the top of this page and then opening a service ticket. When you go to open the service ticket you might find the Chat operator.


@malawijake ,

We’re not into big buck numbers for either party and there’s not a way to cancel an order once placed.

Suggest you update your account address and order another Sim card so it will arrive in a timely manor.

Do as @billg suggested, open a Support ticket and RW will likely credit your account for the first card ordered.


@billg & @williamo.vkbg0s,

Thank you for your advice. I will try to get ahold of someone, and in the meantime purchase another sim with the correct shipping address. Do either of you know how long it takes for the order to appear on my account? I have an order #, and would like to confirm that it is indeed going to the wrong place before I create another mess… :stuck_out_tongue:




Sorry, I can’t answer that. I know they appear in one’s account when the order ships so it might be good news that it hasn’t shipped yet.

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