I first used my Lyft application at a BART station in the San Francisco Bay area.  The phone said that "my connection wasn't strong and the request couldn't go through".  I did get the application to work - eventually.  Why ?

When I arrived at my destination, the phone again said the signal wasn’t strong enough for the application to work. The driver had to use his own phone for me to be able to complete payment and register my opinion of the service. Do I have to be on Wi/Fi in order to to use the Lyft application? That seems silly - as calling a cab is usually from a public place, out of doors.

which plan/phone are you using ?

  • what the coverage your dealing with
  • CDMA (1.0/2.0/some 3.0 phones purchased from Republic)
  • GSM (BYOD and some 3.0 purchased from Republic)
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